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How much money BOOSTERS EARN? It’s not by any means an issue of why sponsors do what they do. It’s unmistakable there is fair cash be made here. For instance, when inquired as to why he helps, aggressive UK Overwatch player Lucifer, from eloboostpros.com, ELOeinolf stated: “Sh*t’s lit, I procure bank while at uni.” He…
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Champion Selection

Can I Choose Which Champions My LOL Booster Will Play? Yes we provide such feature the minimum number is 3 and max number is 10. You can specify champions for lol boost by entering your desired champions in the input form before purchasing. If you desire to change that or forgot to enter, feel free…
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Will Booster Spend IP or RP

Will My Booster Spend RP Or IP? Absolutely NO. Boosters are not allowed to spend your IP or RP. There are cases where your booster can ask you if he is allowed to spend your IP, while spending RP is only allowed if you desire that from him. Remember you are the boss of your…
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Booster Change Runes

Will Booster Change My Runes? Yes if it helps him speed up the lol boost you booster can change your runes. Although if you want him not to you can just tell him not to do that, doing this might be counter productive. Also if you ask your boosters to set up your runes to suit you…
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LOL Boost Servers

On Which Servers Do You Boost? We are proud to say that we can boost on almost every league of legends servers. If you are not sure if your country is included please contact us. If you have already bought lol boost don’t worry if we can not boost there we will  hire new lol boosters or give…
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Choose Previous elo Booster?

Can I Choose My Previous Booster To Boost Me Again? Absolutely YES. We give such option that you can choose your booster and even change him if you like. For this option you will need to contact our team after you have made a purchase and they will be more than happy to help you.…
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