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Advanced Elo Boost

We Boost Your Skill

We Boost Your Skill At top boost we dont just elo boost we also boost your skill and how you might ask, if you continue reading this post you will find out. Our customers are so valuable to us and we want provide something more and not just give them an elo boost we also…
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after elo boost

After The Payment

I Have My Payment What Now? Now your order is in our system and would shortly be claimed by a booster, while in the meanwhile our team will contact you via email to give you access to our secret discord chat or if you desire a different form of contact. When a booster claims your…
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buy elo boost

Payment Process

What Kind of Payments are Available? Curently we are only working with PayPal there for we accept most of the major credit and debit card provider. PayPal’s payment supports a larger number of credit and debit cards like: Visa MasterCards American Express Discover JCB Diner’s Club EnRoute Payflow Pro dependeing on your processor supports lvl-2…
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Advanced elo boost

Advanced Boost

Is Advanced Boost Just a Scam? First of all you need to know what you get with regular boost. With regular boost you get a regular boost, which means that you will get boosted to desired division, lvl, or wins depending on the elo boost you have purchased. And thats mostly it, and as for…
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elo boost

ElO Booster Chat With Friends

Will My ELO Booster Chat With My Friend? Our  Elo Boosters will never chat with your friends. We respect your safety and privacy because they are our number one priority. Thats why our booster will never harm your privacy or reveal any information about you or your account. Further more every transaction (payment) is encrypted, anonymous,…
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spectate lol boost

Spectate LOL Boost

Can I Spectate My LOL Boost? Yes, you can watch your lol boost games. We wanted to make it simple and fast and thats why we use op.gg You are in constant contact with your booster, and you are informed when your booster is doing your elo boost. Short Version: You can spectate your lol boost through…
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lol boost champions

Champion Selection

Can I Choose Which Champions My LOL Booster Will Play? Yes we provide such feature the minimum number is 3 and max number is 10. You can specify champions for lol boost by entering your desired champions in the input form before purchasing. If you desire to change that or forgot to enter, feel free…
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lol boost

Pause ELO Boost

Can I Pause My Elo Boost? Yes, you can by contacting our team which is done through the contact form or simply by telling your booster. Your order will be detached from current booster and would get back into base awaiting for you to unpause it. You unpause it by telling your booster or contacting…
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lol booster

Will Booster Spend IP or RP

Will My Booster Spend RP Or IP? Absolutely NO. Boosters are not allowed to spend your IP or RP. There are cases where your booster can ask you if he is allowed to spend your IP, while spending RP is only allowed if you desire that from him. Remember you are the boss of your…
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lol boost process

Why Choose LOL Boost?

Why Choose LOL ELO Boost From Top Boost? Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers and that is YOU and give you results that you will be proud of and as extra we always give our customers more that they have payed for. Our prices and services are one of the best you can…
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lol booster runes

Booster Change Runes

Will Booster Change My Runes? Yes if it helps him speed up the lol boost you booster can change your runes. Although if you want him not to you can just tell him not to do that, doing this might be counter productive. Also if you ask your boosters to set up your runes to suit you…
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