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Choose Previous elo Booster?

Can I Choose My Previous Booster To Boost Me Again? Absolutely YES. We give such option that you can choose your booster and even change him if you like. For this option you will need to contact our team after you have made a purchase and they will be more than happy to help you.…
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Chat With LOL Booster?

Will I Be Able To Chat With My lol Booster ? Yes you are will be chatting with your lol booster on discord. You can tell your booster when he plays your games, which heroes. If you don’t like your booster, change him by talking to the admin of the discord server, your booster or…
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Play During LOL Boost?

Can I Play During My LOL Boost? Yes you are allowed to play normal games between boosting sessions. However you need to ask your lol booster if you intend to play so you wont end up playing at the same time. Playing ranked games can be counter intuitive since it can slow down the progress…
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