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After The Payment

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After The Payment

after elo boost

I Have My Payment What Now?

Now your order is in our system and would shortly be claimed by a booster, while in the meanwhile our team will contact you via email to give you access to our secret discord chat or if you desire a different form of contact. When a booster claims your order he will notify you before starting the first game on your account.
This is how the whole elo boost process unveils:

  1. Step One – Buy Elo Boost:
    You complete the purchase and get redirected to the thank you page.
  2. Step Two – Wait:
    Orders goes to data base where our team will process it.
  3. Step Three – Email:
    After your order has been confirmed by our team and finish processing you will get a mail sent by a member of our team.
  4. Step Four – Talk to Booster:
    You talk to your booster about how you want your boost to go (timing, which heroes… ).
  5. Step Five – EloBoost Starts:
    Your elo boost starts.

In short after you:
You complete the order it gets proceed and our team contacts you this usually takes from 5min to 24h. After you receive the mail you chat with your booster either on discord or your preferred  communication app, about when you want him to play.


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