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Advanced Boost

Advanced elo boost

Is Advanced Boost Just a Scam?

First of all you need to know what you get with regular boost.
With regular boost you get a regular boost, which means that you will get boosted to desired division, lvl, or wins depending on the elo boost you have purchased. And thats mostly it, and as for the lol boost promotions they are not always available, because their nature is time sensitive and limited, but when they are available they are applied to both regular and advanced boost.

So the main question is… What exactly is Advanced lol Boost and is it a scam?

You need to know that when you pay extra 10 for the advanced boost you get stuff that are lot more worth then what you are paying, so actually its a bargain. You get more for what you paid, and that to be honest sounds great.
So what exactly do you get?

Advanced boost includes elements of teaching and coaching during duo boosts and for both solo and duo boosts it includes tips for the champions you choose your booster to play, strategies for easier winning and carrying games, what builds are most optimal in given situations, how to choose the perfect rune page for every match-up and how to play the said match-up.

Normally for this kind of service you’d end up paying between 55 eur to 233 eur, and that service you get it for just 10 eur depending on your boost. So if you want to save up on money and get better at lol get an advanced boost since its worth it.

In short:

Regular VS Advanced boost.

Regular boost is just a regular boost and advanced boost you get elements of coaching that is wort anything around 55 eur to 233 eur for just 10 eur depending on your lol boost. SO Advanced LOL Boost is much more better than regular one.


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